About Us

Open Switch Africa is an initiative that works with the next generation (youths and children) in Africa to enable open access to technology and education in Africa, while bridging the digital divide through advocacy, capacity building and impact projects. 

Open Switch Africa is an organisation that recognizes the importance of access to data, research materials and education in Africa. The various advantages of openness in these fields have made our purpose focused more on making impacts in Data, Education and research works. 

Our target is to encourage free flow of information (Data, research publication, educational materials etc.) that may be beneficial to the masses, for self development as well as advancement in research and technology across all walks of life. 

We have a vision for Africa to reach a potential where students have access to quality basic education regardless of their financial strength and  every individual has access to the necessary information and data to be the best at their chosen career


Access to data, education and research has been a major cause of drawbacks in Africa, accounting for a large percentage of inefficiencies in our processes. Transparency and informed decision-making by public leaders and government can be made possible through open data. At Open Switch Africa, we advocate for proper accessibility backed by technology in key fields of learning. Access to education is a fundamental principle for bridging knowledge gaps between the privileged and underprivileged communities.


With each passing year, we see how more and more, youth have been at the forefront of advocacy for justice and social change. We believe that youths are key in a bid to build a more open and technology-driven society. Youths have led advocacy campaigns to address issues within their communities when their traditional judiciary system has failed them. The youth community through our various advocacy campaigns are harnessing the strength in citizen participation to inform leaders and decision- makers on the need for openness, thereby creating a bottom-up approach for policy development in Africa. Through our open data day events, we have kickstarted discussions on open data policies amongst policy makers, institution heads, researchers and academics.


We are building a community of advocates through our volunteering platform, while adding to our robust membership consisting of students, community leaders, researchers, academics, early career professionals and advocates. We believe that every voice matters and voices, especially underrepresented voices, need to be heard in important policy discussions. Ensuring a balance in gender representation is a key consideration in our various campaigns and advocacy programs as we strive to achieve a more inclusive and open system.


Open Switch Africa believes strongly in building capacity of youths in data analytics and human-centered design using technology tools. We believe that through data analytics, our youths can be adequately equipped to build an innovation-driven economy, while harnessing the power of open data in creating startups and enabling technology businesses. Young people from different Institution will be trained on data analytics and technology tools that will equip them for the use and culture of making data open in their research works. This training would also empower them to lead fact-driven campaigns for various social justices they might want to lead.

Meet the Team

Adisa Bolutife


Adisa Bolutife is an open access / Technology enthusiast, based in Lagos, Nigeria. A graduate of the University of Lagos with a degree in and electronics engineering, he is passionate about issues related to access, technology, inclusion, and Internet Governance. He is also a co-founder and director of Digital Grassroots, a global initiative that works to improve digital literacy in local communities. He is an Internet SLeadersociety 2017 Youth@IGF fellow and an alumnus of the UNESCO Youth Leadership Workshop on Global Citizenship Education, Mozilla Open, ICANN65 and OpenCon 2017.

Zaccheus Damilare


Damilare is a Millennial disruptor – reorienting millennial mindset on core life issues like work/life balance, career and consumption of Information. He has a degree in Computer Information Systems with a minor in Business Law and Communication studies from Zicklin School of Business in NYC. His day job is as an analyst at a global Investment bank. He shares the rest of his time among Open Switch Africa Initiative, OGZ foundation, Afrizi, other socially impactful projects and relaxation

Aina Adetola


Aina Adetola is a graduate Of Obafemi Awolowo University where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in English Language. He is interested in humanitarian activities and is a member of a philanthropic organization that has raised thousands of blood pints for the less privileged over the years. He has worked with a top industrial cleaning company in Lagos and is in the process of establishing his own industrial cleaning company. As a business oriented individual, he believes there are opportunities everywhere.

Anita Ashiru


Anita is a Blogger-turned-marketer passionate about how storytelling and targeted messaging create business-changing content.
As a Marketing and Brand Strategist, she is responsible for developing and implementing inbound marketing strategies that help her clients increase brand awareness, generate leads, and acquire new customers.
When she isn’t working, you’ll find Anita binging on Netflix, Exploring African countries and collecting key rings.